Working with Vertexer

How Vertexer Partners with Employers

Vertexer is a mobile platform that enables companies to create a dynamic network of Connectors (on-call recruiters) to search for qualified candidates to fill their open positions.

Your Recruiting Network

Vertexer empowers your company to create its own recruiting network and set adjustable levels of compensation to incentivize Connectors to recommend candidates. You post a job and determine how much you will pay for candidates you hire, interview or deem qualified. Your dashboard will show candidates who have been recommended, the Connectors who recommend them and the CVs of both. It will also show you how active Connectors have been, their effectiveness and how their activity varies with changes in the level of compensation you offer - this will guide you in gauging future incentives.


The amount you pay for candidates for each job is entirely at your discretion. There are no fees or charges for posting jobs on the Vertexer platform.Vertexer requires that a fee be paid for each hire and for each interview. We strongly believe that Connectors will work hardest for you if they feel that they have a good chance of being compensated for solid efforts, even if they do not result in hires or interviews. To foster and maintain engagement with your company, therefore, we strongly recommend that you also offer small payments to Connectors who recommend qualified candidates, even if they are not interviewed.If you do not receive any qualified candidates, you pay nothing.


We believe that the people who will be most effective at finding candidates for you will have links to your company, region and/or industry. We will work with you to create a tailored marketing strategy to encourage people who are most likely to produce effective candidate leads (employees, former employees, customers, business partners, other people in your industry and community) to sign up for Vertexer and recommend their colleagues and associates for open positions. We will also work with you to execute this strategy.

Engagement with Vertexer

To become a Partner, you will need to agree to Vertexer’s Terms of Service and, during the beta-test, beta-terms of service.

You will need to create a company profile in which you present your company to Connectors and prospective candidates, explaining your values, culture and what you are looking for in employees.

For each job post, a detailed description, along with responsibilities, required and preferred skills, level of education, salary and whether the position is full-time, part-time, etc. must be uploaded to the platform. Vertexer staff can assist you in this process.

During the beta test, the statuses of candidates in your pipeline must be updated regularly on Vertexer to inform candidates and Connectors of when a candidate has been screened, determined to be qualified, interviewed or hired or that they have been deemed not qualified, will not be interviewed or will not be hired. Vertexer staff can assist in this process. By the end of the beta test, Vertexer will have the capability to integrate with your ATS, so that status updates in your ATS automatically propagate to Vertexer.

We expect that from time to time Connectors will have questions about job postings. Vertexer contains messaging functionality that allows Connectors to ask your hiring manager questions about a job. If you choose to answer these questions, the questions and your answers will be available in a public thread on the website, so that all connectors and candidates can be aware of the same information about the position. Connectors are not allowed to ask you about the statuses of their candidates.

Payment to Vertexer

We require that a form of payment, either a credit card or ACH account number, be placed on file. Payment is due for each candidate upon reaching a compensation milestone: candidate is determined to be qualified, interviewed or hired. If a candidate is hired, but leaves the company within 60 days, Vertexer will not pay out the fee to the recommending Connector and you will be able to repost the same job without a new hiring fee. Hire fee will only be paid to a Connector when the candidate remains more than 60 days. Fees paid for interviews and qualified candidates are non-refundable.

During beta test we do not take a commission. All of the funds you pay to Vertexer will be paid out to Connectors who recommend candidates you deem to be desirable. After the beta test, you will set a maximum expenditure level and ⅔ will be paid to Connectors, while Vertexer takes ⅓ as commission. The process begins with you setting a maximum expenditure level for a given job, for example, $5,000. Vertexer’s maximum commission will be $1,333, while a maximum of $2,667 will be paid out to Connectors. Exact sums will depend on whether you make a hire and the number of candidates you interview or deem qualified. Suppose you set a hire fee of $2,000, an interview fee of $100 and a qualified candidate fee of $5 (for up to 20 candidates). If you pay for 20 qualified candidates, interview five of them and hire one, your Connector fees come to $2,600 and Vertexer’s commission will be $1,300, for a total cost to you of $4,900.


If you choose, you will be notified by email whenever a recommended candidate expresses interest in one of your job postings. Through your dashboard, you will be able to see the names of each candidate who has been recommended for each position and the names of the recommending Connectors as well as the CVs of both. You will also be able to see statistics on the size and activity of your network, including how each Connector is associated with your company and how many Connectors are employees, business partners, etc. and how active they have been. You can observe how the size and activity of your network changes with the levels of compensation you offer. At the closing of a position, you will receive a spreadsheet with information about each candidate, Connector and the size and dynamics of your network.