Virtual Clinic: Improving Medical Diagnostics and Clinical Judgment using Real Medical Cases in Real Time

Professional Medical Education

Every health care professional will make or aid in diagnosis in their career.

Accurate and timely diagnosis is the foundation of safe, effective care.

Virtual Clinic is a first of its kind platform where student and clinician diagnosticians offer diagnosis, testing and treatment suggestions regarding real open cases from clinics and hospitals around the world and receive feedback on the accuracy of proposed diagnoses given case outcomes and evidence-based medicine principles.

Public Health

Public health education has traditionally focused on one-way communication from authorities to the public to inform people about important health matters.

Virtual Clinic helps organizations and governments to engage the public on health matters by allowing anyone to consult virtually in the diagnosis, testing and treatment of real patients in real time and to receive feedback on the accuracy and appropriateness of their judgments.

By extending the opportunity to actively engage with real medical cases Virtual Clinic advances evidence-based practice regarding health and wellness into the public health realm.

Decision Support Algorithms

The future of medicine lies in increasingly sophisticated collaborations between human diagnosticians and AI support systems using troves of patient data to develop prevention, diagnosis and treatment plans.

Virtual Clinic contributes to this future by providing a laboratory in which to test how human diagnosticians interact with AI support and how their collaboration can be optimized to solve cases quickly and efficiently.

Virtual Clinic is currently under development. If you are interested in trying Virtual Clinic contact us.