• How much do I receive if my candidate is hired?

    Hire compensation depends on three factors: the size of the hire fee (H), the number of people who recommend the hired candidate (n) and position of the connector in the series of recommenders (r).

    All connectors who recommend a hired candidate share in the pool. The second recommender receives half of the sum of the first. Each succeeding recommender half of the previous. Suppose the fee per hire is $10000. If the hired candidate is recommended by only one connector, that person gets the full fee = $10000.

    If she is recommended by two connectors, the first to make the recommendation gets $6666.67 (2/3) and the second person $3333.33 (1/3). If she is recommended by 3 connectors, the first gets $5714.29 (4/7), the second $2857.14 (2/7) and the third $1428.57 (1/7) The general formula is Comp= H*2^(n-r)/[Sum(x=1,n)2^(x-1)].

  • How much do I receive if my candidate is interviewed?

    Interview compensation depends on the same factors as hire compensation: the size of the fee per interview (I), the number of people who recommend the candidate (n) and position of the connection in the series of recommenders (r).

    All connectors who recommend an interviewed candidate split the pool. The second recommender receives half of the sum of the first. Each succeeding recommender half of the previous.

    So if the pool per interview is $100 and Jane, who was recommended only by a single person, get an interview that connector gets $100. If she was recommended by two people the first will receive $66.67 (2/3) and the second $ 33.33 (1/3).... Compensation = F*2^(n-r)/[Sum(x=1,n)2^(x-1)].

  • Do I receive anything if my candidate is not interviewed?

    Companies may choose to pay a small fee for qualified candidates who apply but are not interviewed. The fee per qualified candidate is not divided but goes entirely to the first person to refer the candidate.

  • How do you tell how many people recommend a candidate?

    The window to refer a candidate opens when the job is posted and closes when the candidate applies for the position. Anyone who refers the candidate within this period counts as a referrer

  • What happens if someone I recommend gets hired but then quits?

    Connectors will only be paid if candidate remains at the position for 2 months.

  • When will I receive my compensation for a hire?

    Funds will be deposited into a connectors Vertexer account within 3 business days after the close of the 60 day window if Vertexer has received payment from the client company.

  • What if a company does not pay the contracted fee?

    We will do everything we can reasonably do to collect fees that companies owe for servies. However, we cannot cannot guarantee that a company will pay. We will keep the connector abreast of developments in our effort to get delinquent clients to pay.

  • When will I receive my compensation for an interview?

    By contract client companies are obligated to pay Vertexer within 10 business days of interviewing a candidate. Within 3 business days of our receipt of the payment, the funds will be credited to the Connectors Vertexer account.

  • Why should I submit my resume if I am merely recommending someone for a job but not applying myself?

    When you recommend someone for a position, you are vouching for their quality. So it helps, in assessing how much weight to put on a recommendation, to know who is making it. Generally, companies give greater weight to recommendations that come from people in the field in which the job is advertized. But ultimately, Connectors are judged by the quality of the people they recommend. If you are from outside the field but establish a track record of sending in good candidates, companires will take your recommendations very seroiusly.

  • How many candidates can I recommend for a given position?

    You can recommend three people for each open position.

  • Do I need to know the people I recommend?

    It is best practices that you recommend people you know and that you contact someone you plan to recommend before doing so to determine whether they are interested in the position. Among other metrics, Connectors are assessed on the proportion of Candidates they recommend who express interest in the position.

  • If my candidate is interviewed or hired, how will I get paid?

    Funds will be deposited by electronic payment to your Vertexer account, from which you can choose to make transfers to your bank account or receive a check at any point in time.

  • Why does more than one recommending connector receive compensation?

    Vertexer takes the wisdom of the crowds seriously. The more peop recommend a candidate, the stronger their application.

  • Why does my place in the order of recommenders matter?

    To help our client companies hire quickly, compensation is designed to incentivize Connectors to offer candidate recommendations as quickly as possible. So earlier connectors receive greater compensation than later ones.

  • Can I share a job over social media?


  • Will I be compensated if someone who receives my social jobpost is interviewed or hired?

    Not at present. We plan to add the capacibilities for this in the future

  • How old to you need to be to become a Vertexer connector?

    18 years old

  • Can anyone sign up to be a Connector?

    Yes, if you are older than 18 years old

  • How do I find out if I the person I recommend has earned me the "qualified candidate fee"?

    You will be informed through email by Vertexer


  • How do I sign up as an employer?

    If you are interested in becoming a beta test partner, please contact us at admin@vertexer.com. At the end of the beta test, we will have open sign up on our website for employer clients.

  • Can I participate if I am not in michigan?

    Beta testing will initially be limited to companies in Michigan, but we will soon to expand to other regions afterward. We will soon be everywhere. Please contact us at admin@vertexer.com if you are interested in working with us.

  • What kinds of industries do you serve?

    All industries

  • What if a candidate hired through quits or is fired?

    If the candidate quits or is fired within 60 days of hiring. We will refund the hire fee.

  • How are compensation levels set?

    Employers are free to set per hire, per interview and qualified candidate fees at whatever levels they like

  • Fees for interview and qualified candidates are not standard in recruiting, why should I offer them?

    Employers will benefit from more user engagement with their company and Connectors are more likely to remain engaged if they are getting positve feedback on their efforts. Since thee odds of any one connector recommending a candidate who is hired are relatively small, we think it is important for employers to offer fees for finding a candidate who is qualified enough to be interviewed or even candidates who exceed the basic requirements for the job. These fees should be far smaller than the fee for a hire but they will encourage Connectors to continue to recommend candidates to the company in the future and allow you to build up a pool of talent who you can turn to for your next opening.

  • What if a candidate I receive is hired for another position in my company?

    Employers are obligated to pay Vertexer fees if the candidate is hired by the company within 6 months of the posting


  • If I apply for a job through vertexer without receiving a referal, will I receive any Connector fees?

    No. Vertexer does not pay applicants, only Connectors who recommend applicants

  • How will I find out if I have been given an interviewed or hired?

    The employer will contact you through email (or Vertexer messaging when it is available)

  • How much will using Vertexer cost me?


  • Will I have to pay a comission, to Vertexer or the Connector, if I am interviewed or hired?


  • If I am hired, will I be employed by the company or Vertexer?

    The company

  • Is this a temp agency?

    No. Vertexer is a technology platform that enables Companies to reach Candidates through Connectors

  • Will others be able to see my information?

    If you express interest in a job, the company and the referring connectors will be informed, able to see your profile along the CV you have uploaded and able to monitor your progress through the hiring pipeline.

  • How did you get my name?

    Your name came to us through the connector who recommended you

  • Can I become a connector?

    As soon as you sign up for an account, you can start recommending people as a Connector

  • Will my employer know that I've applied?

    No. The only people who will know you applied are your connector and hiring managers at company to which you have applied

  • What happens when I say "I'm interested"?

    Your recommending connector and the company posting the job will be notified

  • Am I able to apply for other jobs at a company I've been recruited for?


  • Can I limit or block connectors?



  • What does it mean for us to be in beta testing?

    It means that we are in the first pharse of testing the software with our actual users with the goal of learning how people use the product, identifying problems and learning about improvements that we can make. We would love to hear back from you.

  • How long will beta testing last?

    No set deadline. We expect 2-5 months.