ERDOS: Educational Recruiting Done Simply

Hire more quickly and efficiently using ERDOS. Create and manage your own recruiting network which you customize to your institution’s priorities, culture and needs.

Erdos extends referral-based recruiting to all positions at K-12 and Higher Education Institutions

Let your Community Recruit for You

Candidates who come through employee referrals are more likely to be hired and are more committed to the organization.

But employees aren’t the only ones who can refer effectively.

Current and former employees, students, alumni, parents, colleagues at other institutions, suppliers and donors, all understand your institution and might know great candidates for your job postings.

Erdos helps you bring your entire community into your recruiting network.

Expand Beyond your Community

Some of your best recruiters are people you have not met, yet: experts in your field, well-connected people who seem to know everyone, or someone who just lives in the region.

Erdos allows anyone to recommend candidates for your open positions. You can also invite experts already on the platform to join your network.

Increase the Diversity of Your Network

You want your faculty and staff to be diverse.
But our networks look disproportionately like us.

If you want to hire professionally, demographically and geographically diverse candidates, you need a similarly diverse connector network.

Vertexer allows you to work with diverse Connectors whose local networks reach across the globe and into all communities.

General Features

  • Understand your network by professional specialization, demographics and geography
  • Specialized functionality for employees, department chairs, search committees and leadership
  • Tools to facilitate search committee workflow
  • One-click candidate recommendations
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