About us

Welcome to the Future of Recruiting

Up until now talent search has been dominated by scattershot online postings, overpriced recruiting or limited reach employee referral programs. Vertexer offers a better way.

Vertexer is working to perfect recruiting by wedding human judgment with technology to link companies and candidates quickly and efficiently through networks tailored to employer needs.


  • extends personal and professional insight into every job search
  • places thousands of connectors and their networks at employers’ fingertips
  • democratizes recruiting by allowing everybody to participate in the recruiting process

It’s like using informed and expert matchmakers for recruiting

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Make Connections

Are you a Connector?

Do you regularly bring people together, linking your friends and colleagues with job opportunities?

Then Vertexer is for you. We bolster good judgement with technology. Enabling you to do what you do best, but faster, more easily, more often and more effectively.

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Find Opportunities You Didn’t Know About

You are a highly qualified at what you do and busy. Too busy to be continually searching jobs boards. And who can possibly monitor every job site for interesting positions? But maybe you are open to new opportunities.

Vertexer allows people who know you personally or professionally and understand your skills to recommend you for great jobs.