About us

Breaking the traditional recruiting mold

  • Up until now talent search has been dominated by Job Boards, Recruiters and Employee Referral Programs
  • Job Boards take advantage of technology but disregard the human element
    • They reach a wide audience and are inexpensive but only find active candidates and neither rank nor vet them
    • They provide fast but unreliable recommendations
  • Recruiting has largely been untouched by the social media revolution
    • Recruiters find job seekers who aren’t actively looking but are expensive
    • They are also generally only superficially informed about candidates and your industry
  • Employee Referral Programs deliver high quality candidates but are limited by the social networks of their employee recruiters

Who we are

  • The Vertexer team is a diverse array of skilled professionals from different fields taking recruiting into the future
  • Corey Washington, Vertexer’s Founder and CEO, is a former McKinsey Consultant, with a B.A. in Mathematics from Amherst College, an M.S. in Linguistics from MIT, a PhD in Philosophy from Stanford and another PhD in Neuroscience from Columbia

What we are about

Vertexer weds human judgment with technology to link companies and candidates quickly and efficiently

In the process it:

  • Extends personal and professional insight into every job search
  • Places thousands of connectors and their networks at employers’ fingertips
  • Stretches recruiting dollars by allowing companies to pay only for candidates they want
  • Democratizes recruiting by allowing everybody to participate in and benefit from the recruiting process
  • It’s like using informed and expert matchmakers for recruiting