Bypass recruiters

Go straight to your own customized network of experts for candidate recommendations

Let your community recruit for you

Create a recruiting network out of your community’s contact network

Welcome to the Future of Recruiting


  • Create Your Own Network

    Allow everyone across your institution, along with others invited to join, to suggest candidates

  • Locate Passive Candidates

    Vertexer allows you to reach folks who aren’t actively looking for a new job

  • Candidates Identified Quickly

    Referrals are a fast and efficient way to hire quality candidates

  • The Best Candidates

    With people who know your organization and industry searching Vertexer can locate great people for every job opening

  • Industry Experts

    Allow industry experts, not just professional recruiters, to recommend candidates

  • Centralize all referral sources

    If you have an employee referral program Vertexer can run it for you. Vertexer does it all in one seamless application

  • Diversify your Candidate Pool

    Work with professionally, demographically and geographically diverse Connectors whose networks reach across the globe and into all communities


  • Visualize your network at a glance
  • Find public Connectors with track records of sending quality and diverse candidates and seek their input
  • Understand the diversity of your network
  • Expand the professional and geographical reach of your network
  • Invite in outsiders and build and strengthen your network for future searches
  • Keeps records of promising candidates who might be available for future positions

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